Sunday, September 11, 2005


The absurdity of making Muslims bear ID cards to enter a mosque for prayers is beyond comprehension. Who was it that said this war is not against Islam?

The government of Tunisia has become a pioneer in innovative approaches to security. They have recently unveiled their latest invention to enhance security (of the apostate government, of course). Such an invention did not seem to have crossed the minds of the most powerful and resourceful security apparatuses in America, U.K., Russia, or even the Mossad. According to Al-Hadi Mehanna, Tunisia’s new interior minister, any one wish to pray in a Mosque will have to apply and obtain a personal magnetic card. The minister continued by saying: This is part of the national policy adopted by the man who is leading the way of “changes for the betterâ€‌ (he means the president) - and this is done to regulate praying in Mosques, preventing rowdiness, and eliminating chaos.

Here are the steps that must be followed by all parties involved:

1. Various local ministry offices will process applications and issue a picture magnetic card to each applicant. The card will identify the applicant, which Mosque is he to use for prayers (the nearest to his house). If the nearest Mosque happens not to be one of the Mosques designated for Friday prayers, the individual must submit a separate application for a second card to be used for Friday prayers.

2. The Imam of each and every Mosque must verify that each person inside the Mosque is in possession of a valid card authorizing him to perform his prayers in that Mosque. Any person fails to produce a valid magnetic card or caught attempting to pray in Mosque that is different from his assigned Mosque must be expelled by the Imam.

3. The new ID card is personal and cannot be used by or assigned to any person other than the person the card was issued to.

4. Should the owner of a card decide he no longer wishes to pray he must surrender his card to the nearest police station.

5. All visitors to Tunisia who anticipate performing prayers in the country should obtain their magnetic cards at the border. Tourist magnetic cards are valid for all Mosques across the country.

6. All Mosques will be fitted with magnetic card reader machines to record attendance. Each praying person must check in and out each time he attends his designated Mosque.

7. Records of attendance must be collected by the Imam of each Mosque and handed over to the local authority once each month.

It is worth mentioning that a Jew can travel to Tunisia and visit any place of worship any time without any ID card. Foreign Tourists can also visit Mosques any time not only without a card but without a specific dress code either.

“Unto Allah we are and unto Him we returnâ€‌

marina: what's next?This is too much!!!HOpe God give them TSunami....(terrorrist??)

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